DJ YUNG MILLI

Yung Milli is one of the Top Dj’s in the Industry right now killing it in Every scene be it club, party, private function and more. He has a sick sense of mixing music from all genres. He is known as the creative one and has played for high profile and Big names clubs including Merah London, Aura Myfair, club bond, Bar Rumba, cafe de paris and many more.

We had the opportunity to catch up with this lovely and very professional Dj in this Exclusive interview to get to know him a little more. check out his interview.

ADM: Hello please Introduce yourself and Tell us about you

My name is George but many refer to me a DJ Yung Milli. I am a professional DJ with more than 5 years experience in entertaining a variety of clients.

ADM: How long have been a dj for and how did it all started

I grew up in a household where all sorts of music from various types of artists were played. My parents would listen to different types of genres, from country music to jazz, reggae, soul, pop etc.

When I moved to England from the United States, I began working at a bar where several DJs would entertain the crowd with good music. That was where the passion for DJing stemmed from. I had played for 

ADM:  What was your first ever major gig and where if you can still remember

My first ever major gig was when I had played at a 50th birthday party at the Marriott Hotel.


ADM: What was the first Ever record you bought that inspires you

Nas – Illmatic

ADM: What is the one tune that you play that gets the crowd anytime no matter where you playing at

Cameo – Candy

ADM: What kind of dj are you? and what’s your favourite Genre of music

A professional wedding, club, radio DJ and my favourite genre of music at the moment is: Afro House or SA House

ADM: How did the name Yung Milli come About

I came up with “Milli” but my friends from the States called me “Yung” because my last name.

ADM:Are you working on any project at the moment

Yes, I am always working on something. I can’t reveal any secret now but keep an eye out for it lol.

ADM: Who is your favourite Musician/ your Timeless favourite music 

Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

ADM: Are there other Dj you rate in the indusrtry and your feeling towards

Yes, they are quite a free good DJ’s out there that are doing very well. Unfortunately there are too many names to name.
ADM: What is the one thing that annoy you most when playing in club Scene

I can’t really think of anything that annoys me whilst playing in a club. 

ADM: What type of event do you play at

Weddings, club events, Concerts, Radio, Hen night, Christening, Private function.

ADM: Apart from music, what else do you love to do

Aside from DJing, I enjoy watching movies with family, Reading, Drawing, Basketball and Politics. 

ADM: Tell us something most people dont know About you

One thing people don’t know about me, I am a homebody. If I weren’t a DJ, you wouldn’t find me in a club

ADM:  What is the one thing you will like to Accomplish before the End of the year

Host a FM radio show.
ADM: Tell us what Awards/special recognition have you acquire in your years of djing.

I have been nominated for 3 UK based Awards.
ADM: What advice would you give to young upcoming dj coming into the Industry

Network, Practice, Professionalism.

Thank you for this interview its been a pleasure! and We wish you more success for the nearest future.

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Interview by: Goldiva
Pictures:  Yung milli


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