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Nkechi Bianze: Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Girls Should Be Able To Choose Their Career Likewise Boys!

I remember one of my primary school social studies textbooks had a pictorial/text illustration saying "Father provides money for the family", "Mother cooks for the family". Have you also noticed that in most Nigerian primary and secondary school textbo… more »

Nollywood Actress Munachi Abii Talks about the Importance of Self-Love!

Nollywood actress and singer Munachi Abii has got some inspiring words to share with her followers. She took to her Instagram page, shared a new picture with the caption; "focusing on the importance of doing things for yourself, is very spot on". The w… more »

Peter Odianosen Eromosele: Be Positive Conscious!

Your thought about yourself towards anything you do, is the first point of call to your accomplishment. There is no way you think positive, and produce a negative result, or think negative and produce a positive result. The way you think should produce… more »


After the success of season 1, we present to you season 2 of Goldiva Fab show bigger and better. Brought to you by GOLDIVA FASHIONZ and PLUSHSTYLES. The show which focuses on Fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle in its best. The Concept of Goldiva Fa… more »

Popular Black hair Company 'Shea Moisture' Gets a Backlash for Featuring Only Mixed & White girls in latest Ad Campaign!

Shea Moisture is a hair care company with almost 80% black clients. Two days ago, the company released a new ad campaign which featured mostly mixed and white women and the Internet went wild, Women of colour said its 'Hurtful'. Customers felt that th… more »

The new season of #ThisOrThat on Pauline Long Show is back with a Brand New Panel!

The new season of #ThisOrThat on Pauline Long Show, Sky 182 is back. The TV show which has an interactive panel discussion of hot topics ranging from current affairs, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, education, health, beauty and more is bigger and bet… more »

Mike Ikem Umealo: What Is A Broken Home?

Many people assume that the term "Broken Home" is limited to when couples with children separate or possibly divorced. The child or children are then said to come from a "broken home." If this is agreeable, then to a great extent it makes the second err… more »

Motivation Monday: Persevere, Pursue and Possess Your Dream!

One of the greatest tools in life is perseverance. Perseverance is a very powerful tool we all need to have if we want to achieve our dream and goals in life.  To become a person of relevant and significant, you will need to have a great level of p… more »


It is abnormal in a normal world to see a man who has everything he needed choosing the hard way out. Nobody enjoys suffering, no one intentionally likes to go through the horrible and terrible experiences of life. Any man who tells you he enjoys it, su… more »

Peter Odianosen Eromosele: DON'T WAIT TO BE READY!

When you wait to be ready, you are only waiting for the rest of your life without producing any result. If you are waiting for that opportunity to come before you get ready, you will only missed out, but when you are always ready, you will always be on… more »
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