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Benjamin Omage: Brief Conversation with a Sapiosexual!

Is Intelligence becoming incredibly sexy! Or am I the only one who feels this way?  I had an interesting conversation with a Clergyman friend of mine a while back, after he had just gotten married.  He said to me. " you know before I got married, all… more »

"HAVE YOU HEARD', A new pilot Campaign stands up to modern slavery in the African community in the UK!

New pilot campaign called 'HAVE YOU HEARD', has been launched to help tackle modern-day slavery within the African community in the UK. The campaign focuses on helping those trapped in domestic slavery, where victims are typically kept against their wil… more »

12th Screen Nation Film and Television Awards 2017 REWARDING EXCELLENCE – CELEBRATING DIVERSITY

In a year that many say is proving to be seminal for black film and TV on so many fronts, especially for diverse British talent, late Spring will witness the 12th edition of the annual Screen Nation Film & Television Awards popularly known as ‘the b… more »

The 3rd European Regional Congress of FIDA 2017 which took Place In London Focused on Empowerment of women, Children & Family in Todays Globalization!

The 3rd European Regional Congress of FIDA (worldwide) took place Thursday, 30th of March 2017 at Hilton Park Lane, London. The successful event organised by Regional Vice-president; Ms Jessie Madu-Nwabueze saw in attendance: H.E. Dr. Alex Ekwueme (Form… more »

Motivation Monday: Ferdinard Senyo Lawson - WHY WE SHOULD EMPOWER OTHERS!

  Empowerment simply means to have the opportunity to be given the necessary help you need to gain or regain self-control or self-esteem. Empowerment gives one the power to make the right decision regarding what to do, how to do it and when to do i… more »
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